Home as sanctuary

Have you ever asked yourself what role your home plays in your life? To some, that might seem like overthinking things. But asking yourself that question can reveal a lot of insights about how you live and interact with your environment. Is your home really a place where you can escape the everyday, or do you come home and find that you never truly wind down in your environment? We’re big believers that a house can promote well-being, and that dedicating space to relaxation – whether it’s a mediation room or just a quiet reading corner in a larger room – is important, not frivolous.

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Reading Nook #Shelter Architecture #stairs #bungalow #arts and craftCertain parts of a home are often regarded as having a retreat atmosphere. We see that in the perennially popular “home spa” concept.

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Relaxing master suites and bathrooms are in high demand, as are other spaces oriented toward well-being, like workout rooms, saunas or reading spaces. If spaces like those make sense, then adding or creating a space to meditate, practice yoga, pray or simply escape the day is not much of a stretch.


This applies both inside and outside. In past projects, we have dedicated portions of yards to specific activities that help homeowners relax or enjoy their favorite activities.

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Gardens can also play a role as a sanctuary space, so location and layout have to be tailored to what a homeowner is looking for.


A home is much more than protection from the elements. Carefully considered spaces have the power to become healing environments that promote personal well-being as well as encouraging social interaction.

#Master Plan #Shelter Architecture #Bubble Diagram #Schematic DesignTime to kick back and relax. Be well, your friends at Shelter.

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