It’s good to be home.

to-do list

Our big move from Uptown to Northeast Minneapolis is nearly finished. We’ve completed the address change and have set up work stations in our new studio in Northeast Minneapolis. But we’ve been so busy lately with getting our new neighbor and client, Bauhaus Brew Labs, up and running for their big grand opening, that some of our finishing touches were put on the back burner.

Bauhaus Brew Labs

Even without having crossed those final details off our big list, we’re still extremely impressed with our new space. When you come to visit us, you’ll see and feel the history of our new studio. We love the atmosphere and how the history in the original iron framing blends with modern touches, the enormous windows and beautiful patios.

Crane sign

The building was once a former steel factory, and it is being redeveloped into a combination of studios and industry. Our studio overlooks a courtyard/breezeway, which was planted last week, and this encourages us to spend time working outside where we can discover plenty of inspiration. Construction workers removed the roof over the breezeway last week as well, and the light coming into our studio has made an incredible difference. Be sure to check back soon when we share more details about our outdoor work stations once they’re completed!

Crown Center

Inside, we designed the studio to enhance the team approach we use on our projects. The white desk spaces lining the outside walls of the space are modern and unobtrusive. With a swivel of a chair, everyone on the team can face each other for a quick design discussion. We have community gathering tables in the middle for presentations, working on plans or for spontaneous brainstorming. And because Minnesotans always gather at the kitchen table at home, we designed our studio to have a large table in the break area, encouraging additional productivity and creativity.


Shelter Plan

Since arriving in our new studio, we’ve discovered we move around a lot more in our new location. In our home designs we promote a green lifestyle, and we incorporated that concept into this studio space as well. Garbage cans were intentionally omitted from our work stations, and recycling containers are very accessible throughout the studio space to increase our recycling efforts.

As we settle into the dog days of summer, we’re not slowing down too much. As a matter of fact things are busier than ever. We’ll chat more soon about the Bauhaus grand opening and additional touches being made to our outdoor patios, finalizing all those to-do items on our big checklist.

It’s good to be home – from your friends at Shelter.

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