When you find the perfect place, sometimes you have to move quickly. We did and we are.

Shelter will be moving to a studio in northeast Minneapolis at the end of the month that can only be described as breathtakingly cool.


While we love Uptown, this new location blew us away when we saw it while working with the building’s owner on the Bauhaus Brew Lab project – which we’ll be talking about in an upcoming blog.

The new space has outdoor decks, amazing iron columns, and just the right mix of beat-up old warehouse for us to dress out with sleek modern accents. We are exposing one of the large industrial windows – the others are in shared walls so those will be used for display of projects and, perhaps, design ideas for works in progress – and also putting in a kitchen with a large island to double as a meeting table.

Shelter Plan

We figured that it is SO Minnesotan to hang out in the kitchen, why not embrace the idea and actually have one of our intended meeting spaces actually be in the kitchen. You can’t change who you are, so just embrace it.


We’re especially excited about the outdoor space, a giant covered breezeway/warehouse that the owner plans to develop into an awesome public green space with the design help of our new neighbors RoehrSchmidtt Architecture. We can’t wait to sit outside and work on our laptops. The decks are within the breezeway, so sun glare shouldn’t be a problem, and we will have operable windows, which is a huge change from our Harriett Avenue studio.

Our new location will have so much space we have room to rent some out to folks who would be a good fit to share our work environment. (If you’re interested in discussing the possibilities of housing two to five people at desks in a beautiful space, give us a call and we can see if there are any arrangements that would make sense. Here are more details)

Trying to pull this move off in addition to our regular workload hasn’t been easy – we only saw the space two months ago. But that’s the way things shaped up. Our clients come first, and we’ve been working on this project in our spare time.


Nobody likes the hassles of moving. We’re sure there will be a bunch of headaches involved and we’ll be relieved when we’ve finally settled in at our new home. But that’s a small price to pay, and we are so excited about such a cool space being our new den of creativity.

Stay tuned for more as things take shape. For daily updates make sure to follow us on Facebook, we post day to day events there.

That’s all for now, we need to start packing! Your friends at Shelter.

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