Trending – add a bold splash of color!

Shelter’s Founding Partner Jackie Millea takes a moment out of her busy day to ruminate on the bold impact and outright fun you can have with color. Still an important detail to understand when thinking how to make the spaces in which we work, play and live…better.


I am being interviewed this week about interior design trends so I have been giving this subject a great deal of thought. I don’t generally encourage my clients to follow every trend and it would be impossible to do so, but rather focus on what they love. However trends do play an important role in what is available for purchasing and inspiring ideas about design. So on that note, these are the top trends that really excite me.

Go for Bold! A neutral or monochromatic palette is the starting point to pulling off a bold color statement. Start with a variation of the same color ivory, light blue, white, gray. This color should be reflected in the floor, walls, ceiling and furnishings and then add a bold color. For example, with a light blue monochromatic palette add a big bold bright green or the super trendy yellow gold as a major piece of furniture. For a bold approach consider painting the ceiling. Use this color for accent pillows, artwork and accessories. The way to pull it off is to be very purposeful in your use of the accent color.


Large patterns and over scaled objects are a great statement in many locations of the home. Case goods are getting “tattooed” with bold graphic patterns, like this piece from Martha Stewart!


Walls – yes, wallpaper is back and there are many gorgeous selections are available.  My favorites are the big graphic prints. Check out for some great ideas.

Speaking of wallpaper and trends, grasscloth, nubby fabrics and textured carpets in beautiful neutral colors are good choices right now. To “glam” up these earthy selections, chose a grasscloth that has a metallic background for a hint of glitz.

There are wonderful selections from Innovations




Metals are always a great way to accent a room and we have seen chromes and silvers to be the most popular some time now, but brushed gold and soft bronzes seem to be making their way into lighting, furniture and mirrors. Check out some great furnishings at