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Shelter • April 2, 2014

We’re especially excited about the outdoor space, a giant covered breezeway/warehouse that the owner plans to develop into an awesome public green space…

Lake Superior Design Retreat 2014

Shelter • March 16, 2014

Despite the white-knuckle drive that arriving attendees had to endure, brought on by the season’s biggest snowstorm, LSDR 2014 didn’t disappoint.

Mayflower project nears its destination

Shelter • November 2, 2013

we look forward to proving wrong those who believe energy efficiency and visual appeal are mutually exclusive concepts

Our most referenced residential project

Shelter • October 11, 2013

Birds in the walls, poor insulation, and stairs that didn’t meet code were only the tip of the iceberg when confronting the problems that troubled this home.

It’s Personal

Shelter • August 23, 2013

Our goal is to personalize architecture and interior design, to make it human, and above all, to make it yours.

A North-side Youth Center with Potential

Shelter • May 31, 2013

Architecture might seem, on its face, to be defined just by logic, math and an encyclopedia’s-worth of technical terms. But really, as far as we’re…