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It’s good to be home.

Shelter • July 30, 2014

We designed the studio to enhance the team approach we use on our projects…With a swivel of a chair, everyone on the team can face each other for a quick design discussion.

Design. 4

Shelter • April 8, 2014

When you partner with an architect or interior designer to build or modify your home (or workplace) you have the opportunity to craft an environment that addresses the things that are most important to you.


Shelter • April 2, 2014

We’re especially excited about the outdoor space, a giant covered breezeway/warehouse that the owner plans to develop into an awesome public green space…

Then & Now #3

Shelter • March 25, 2014

While we don’t believe in change for change’s sake, when doing things differently helps us do them better, we’re not afraid to try something new.

Lake Superior Design Retreat 2014

Shelter • March 16, 2014

Despite the white-knuckle drive that arriving attendees had to endure, brought on by the season’s biggest snowstorm, LSDR 2014 didn’t disappoint.

Then & Now #2

Shelter • March 10, 2014

Here at Shelter, we still rely on drawings to think and explore, but we now produce as many computer-based images as hand drawings.

Design. 3

Shelter • February 18, 2014

Humans are really amazing at finding inventive work-arounds to situations and objects that get in their way or are not tailored to their needs.

Then & Now

Shelter • February 13, 2014

It has been fascinating to experience the evolution of even the most basic practices we rely upon every time we undertake a project . To illustrate these changes, we thought it would be interesting to take readers through the general process we use when working on a project in order to explain the way we used to work and compare that to how things are done today.

Design. 2

Shelter • February 11, 2014

There are usually a multitude of factors that a client brings to the designer for consideration. We use these factors to define the question so that it encompasses the entire aspect of the product/space/object to be designed.

Goods or services?

Shelter • January 20, 2014

Courts have long held that design firms provide services and any documents created, as instruments of the design professional’s service, are not products.