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Drawing is thinking

Shelter • December 3, 2013

Drawing is the language architects use to communicate – with one another, and ourselves.

How we measure a house.

Shelter • October 4, 2013

Homeowners often balk at a redesign because the project seems such a formidable prospect. Fortunately, the way we tackle a residential remodeling project follows a tried-and-true plan that makes the daunting doable.

6 things to keep in mind before you start your remodel.

Shelter • September 5, 2013

Here is a list of things you should keep in mind as you begin the design process…

When should you hire an architect?

Shelter • August 30, 2013

When you’re starting a new building project, and considering hiring an architect, you might fall into a cycle of asking yourself, “Should I? Shouldn’t I?” Second guessing is easy to do when you’re facing an undertaking that promises to consume a lot of time and money. But here’s the secret formula for putting those uncertainties to rest…

Home as sanctuary

Shelter • August 22, 2013

We’re big believers that a house can promote well-being, and that dedicating space to relaxation – whether it’s a mediation room or just a quiet reading corner in a larger room – is important, not frivolous.

A North-side Youth Center with Potential

Shelter • May 31, 2013

Architecture might seem, on its face, to be defined just by logic, math and an encyclopedia’s-worth of technical terms. But really, as far as we’re…